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How To Get Satellite TV For PC

How To Get Satellite TV For PC

Ever wondered if it was possible to get satellite TV for pc?
Well I had heard alot about Satellite TV for PC that literally turned your pc into a satellite TV for free. I always thought how awesome it would be to get to watch all of my favourite Satellite TV channels for free, but I used to think it was too good to be true so ended up never trying it.

However, recently I was speaking to a close friend of mine, Mark, & he said he had found a website that was selling the satellite TV for pc service for a one time payment of $49.95. As he was currently paying double that per month for his Satellite TV service he decided to give it a go.
To his belief (and mine when he told me) it was genuine! There were no catches:

- no spy ware or ad ware was found on his PC after installation
- there was no extra hardware required or a TV card
- it is 100% legal and best of all
- it really was just a one time payment of only $49.95 / £25 for unlimited free satellite TV on PC for life!

He told me how he could now watch over 3000 channels for free with no extra payments required and cancelled his monthly Satellite TV straight away.

Mark's positive reaction to the Satellite TV on his PC was enough to persuade me to get in on the action and boy am I glad I did. I used to own a TV free-view box that cost me around $60 / £30 which let me watch about 40 odd channels (along with about 100 radio channels which I rarely watched), and now I have over 3000 Satellite channels that I can watch for free forever! I am not easily impressed, and it does take something special to gain my approval, but I was truly amazed that the whole process worked and was so simple to set up and use.

Click here to get FREE Satellite TV on your PC!

If any of you are querying whether or not to get Satellite TV for PC yourself, I can only give you positive feedback on my experience with it - I recommend it 100%!
Give it a go for yourself by clicking here, hope you are as pleased with it as I still am!
Which Tv On PC Service to choose?

The Top 3 PC Satellite TV Services...

I searched long and hard when I was choosing my satellite TV on PC service and narrowed it down to three sites that in my mind were the best value for money. Some satellite tv to pc services offered some extras, and some sites were just plain poor, but the ones I've narrowed it down to offer you everything that the others offer & more including unlimited movie downloads, unlimited full TV episodes, unlimited mp3 downloads & much more! Better still, these services were a 1/3 of the price of their TV to PC competitors and included all the extras and bonuses that the others offered + more!

The Top 3 Satellite TV to PC Services And How They Ranked!

Below I have rated and also written a review of the top three satellite TV on PC services with their good and bad points and which I recommend.

1st - Satellite TV For PC 2007 Elite Edition

Over 3000 Channels, Simple To Use, 100% Legal, Works Worldwide & More...
Satellite TV On PC Elite Edition 2007 is ranked the No.1 Satellite TV to PC Service for no reason. With over 1 Million people worldwide already using the service (myself included!) it's not a surprise that it's popularity is growing daily. After my payment of $49.95 that was it, no extra payments were required and I was on my way. Unlike many other Satellite TV for PC services I had come across which charge either monthly, or don't tell you about the hidden costs, the Elite Edition kept it's word and stuck at the one-off payment of $49.95.

I was amazed at what I got for my money, I couldn't believe the amount of channels I now had access to and all for the same price I'm used to paying for one months Sky TV. Albeit the Satellite TV was faultless, I also found myself with unlimited DVD quality movies to download, along with unlimited TV shows & mp3's as well! I thought to myself it was too good to be true, but I now see why it has become so popular worldwide.

The Elite Edition boasts tonnes of benefits

Over 3000 Stations

Already owned by over 1 million people Worldwide & growing daily!

Perfectly Legal: 100% Legal & Safe - No hacking or cracking!- Works Worldwide

Helpful Support Team

No Extra Hardware or TV Card Required- Very Easy To Use/No PC Knowledge

Required: Just install the program and instantly watch International satellite channels on your PC!

No Subscriptions & No recurring Charges..Ever!- No Ads, Ad ware Or Spy ware that you get from other services

Works with All Versions of Windows (95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP)& all for a one-time payment of $49.95!

It is so simple to get started with The Elite Edition, and with over 1,000,000 users (and growing!) already using it, it must be worth a try!
To Check Out The Elite Edition For Yourself Click Here And Enjoy!

2nd - Satellite TV On PC Titanium
A Huge Selection of Channels, Many Extras...
Satellite TV On PC Titanium service seemed like a cert when I first came across it.
After finding this service I was intrigued to use it the only downfall being it cost $99.95. There were many benefits, the one catching my attention was that it had over 4000 channels available.

There were a bunch of extras and bonuses that you also received, however after speaking to my friend Mark, who had used this service before, I found out that all of these extras were not really needed.

He told me that alot of the channels you get that aren't included in Satellite TV For PC 2007 Elite Edition, are channels that aren't in English & some only air at certain hours of the day. It still offered the same as the Elite Edition but in my mind was not worth the extra $50 as the extras were not necessary.

The Titanium's service had a number of positives that outweighed the negatives by far, and would still be worth looking for yourself by clicking here .

Click here to get FREE Satellite TV on your PC!

3rd - Satellite TV PC Pro

The Basic Package - Over 2000 Channels, Value For Money

The Satellite TV To PC Pro 2007 service package is in my mind a great package for anyone who doesn't mind the basics. It offers over 2000 channels that will fulfill your basic entertainment needs, at a small cost of $39.95. Myself, I prefer to get more for my money and for the extra $10 for the Elite Edition you get a whole lot more so feel it is worth spending just a bit more.

There aren't many extras and there are less channels than in the other services which is why the price is lower, but is a great basic Satellite TV For PC service.

I read a few reviews on this service before buying and found that alot of people that had used it had switched to the Elite Edition due to the wider variety of channels and entertainment package as a whole. This was enough to persuade me to get the Elite Edition over this and with the popularity for the Elite Edition booming, I'm glad I did.

Yes this is the cheapest service, but also the most basic and is why it ranked 3rd. It might be worth you trying the Pro Service to get your own opinion of the, but the amount of people that switch to the Elite Edition really says something.Click here to visit the Pro Edition.

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PC Satellite TV Reviews

There are several major systems including Satellite Soft, satellite TV to pc (pro edition with 2800 stations and elite edition with 3000 stations).After going through a vast number of Satellite TV for PC software offerings, purchasing and actually trying out the vast majority of these Satellite to PC software, plus reviewing the member's areas of the providers, we only feel comfortable to recommend Satellite TV for PC 2007 Elite Edition

Satellite TV for PC 2007 Elite Edition
is a powerful program that turns your pc into a TV with over 3000 channels.

Satellite TV for PC 2007 Elite Edition
is the best available software online today to watch thousands of satellite movies and radio channels from all over the globe.

Their Download Tool is an awesome program that will turn your computer into a working satellite TV with over 3000 channels with programming from over 160 countries.
You don’t need a satellite dish, receiver, or any cable or satellite service.
download here

When you get Satellite TV for PC 2007 Elite Edition on your computer you can do almost anything you want when it comes to PC satellite TV for entertainment and information.
Watch over 3000 satellite TV channels on your PC including premium cable TV channels such as HBO, cinemax, CNN, Disney, Animax.
download here

Watch all these channels anywhere in the world.
Watch live TV right on your PC without *ever* paying for cable/satellite again.
Watch LIVE Championship Games and European football (even the games that are not shown elsewhere).
Watch thousands of channels LIVE within seconds with excellent digital picture and sound quality.
Once you have downloaded the program, you can be watching over 3000 satellite channels from around the world on your PC.
They offer you the chance to watch live sporting programs in the areas of football, basketball, hockey, golf, baseball, soccer (from around the world) and even rugby.
download here

The service is 100% Legal and they offer a 60 days money back guarantee
download here

this software is being offered at the lowest possible price, with guaranteed maximum quality.
High quality safety software and guaranteed program support.

Get immediate access to the software once you have paid. And on top of that, you also have access to over 1,500 radio stations from around the world.
You will have access to these channels and watching them will truly open your eyes to what’s REALLY going on in the world.
Access your station and account from any computer in anywhere around the world.
Lifetime ownership after one time payment.
download here

There are no monthly subscription payments or any other recurring payments.
NO subscriptions and NO additional hardware are required.
download here

There are no installation fees, monthly subscription or pay per view charges.

Stop paying for high-priced cable or Satellite services. $49.95 is the only price you will ever have to pay for this pc satellite TV software.

Just think, for the price of one month of cable YOU COULD WATCH OVER 3000 Stations on your PC or laptop FOREVER.
download here

Satellite TV for PC 2007 Elite Edition
is has been upgraded with many enhancements and more channels. Many PC satellites TV offers are not of the same quality as this one. Now with a pc satellite TV installed on your computer you have an extra TV with satellite capabilities in your home. It is good to know that you can watch Satellite TV for PC 2007 Elite Edition
without having to install any extra equipment unlike cable and satellite TV services.

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